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About us

We transform conventional energy into renewable

Grupo de trabajadores en un parque solar


Innovation for better planning, execution and monitoring of projects.


Solar energy to achieve optimal quality performance within the electrical infrastructure.


Ready to meet the challenges and demands of a market that is growing exponentially globally.

Personal de trabajo instalando panel solar en un parque solar en argentina.

for the future

With an eye on the future, DQD is a company that specializes in the engineering , procurement and construction of photovoltaic solar parks, providing solar solutions to the most demanding demands of a market that is constantly growing and developing.


Focused on EPC , a function that includes the assembly of all those main and auxiliary systems, which are part of a Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant , and which are essential for its correct operation.

About us

Transforming conventional energy into renewable energy

Vista aerea de parque solar

The future is renewable , there are no doubts about that. And this is why DQD ensures that each solar project is designed and delivered with all the necessary electrical equipment and infrastructure to ensure a fully reliable integration into the electrical grid.

With its own engineering capacity , the company provides the experience of teams of professionals in the field for the design of optimized solar plants with each project  taking into account local and site-specific environmental conditions.

With its history and experience , the company is committed to promoting the renewable energy revolution for a cleaner, more sustainable and more equitable future.

REgenerative energy

Latin America means a great opportunity when talking about alternative and ecological energies, and its resources are enormous when it comes to weighing the opportunities, characteristics and obvious advantages of our soil compared to most points of reference on the planet.


The laws and regulations in force in the region enable development with long-term contracts , which ensure the investor a perfect and beneficial tool, both for the countries, the industry, the region, its people and the enterprise itself.

Desarrollo de parque solar en america latina
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